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Thomas Tcheuffa / Salsaeverybody

(Thom, your contact person)

Founder | Managing Director
Salsa/Timba, Kizomba, Bachata, Rumba Dancer –
Performer – DJ – Teacher –
Martial Art & Fitness Instructor


Hola me gente Salseros,..
I am originally from Cameroon, a country in central Africa. I am 1 of the salsaeverybody teachers for dance Classes & Clubs in Dublin & Waterford. I’ve been teaching salsa & Latin dancing & Deejays for the past 10 years now and I have been dancing for the more than 25 years.
Music and dance are my passion & love, in addition, I am also an internationally qualified black belt 2nd Dan Kukkiwon TaekwonDo & Apkido, and Fitness Instructor with the World TaekwonDo Federation (W.T.F)

Music and dance have many real benefits in our lives; Salsa is a leisure activity that supersedes age boundaries, physical and psychological health.

In addition it can also help to fight obesity in our society. It helps to burn a few calories without even feeling it and it makes your everyday life shine like the sun!

I put in place salsaeverybody dance school / classes & club here in Ireland because I want to share with people the little knowledge I have about dancing… AHI NA MA…

I believe that everyone has rhythm and everyone can dance no matter what their background is or where they come from!

I believe that dancing is not hard or difficult, and that no one needs many years in a class before knowing how to enjoy music and dance… I think Its just depends on how we learn and with whom we learn to dance!

My advice for all beginners is to start by learning the basic and routine Cuban Salsa Steps correctly, then you can learn any kind of Salsa style to add to your Salsa dancing… As you know, Cuban salsa dance music is the Mother of all Salsa dance styles.

Another piece of advice is that, if you find one class hard, please just try somewhere else, because teachers are different & have different approaches to teaching and understanding about salsa music and dancing..!

Dance is about fun and enjoyment, and it helps to release stress and makes us feel good, in addition, It also contributes to our general well being.

In our classes we are not serious about dancing, but we know how to do things seriously with fun and everyone always goes home happy!!!

As you know..its not about the Salsa Style we learn, but how to dance to Salsa Music and having fun with the Beat on the dance floor…:-) Ahi na ma!