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I feel Hurts when I heard lots of Dancing women complaining about pains, they feet’s hurts, etc… and they have at some stage take out they shoes off on the dance floor… Because of pains, because it Hurts… Why?!? Sometimes not because of longtime dancing, But, because of the wrong shoes we chose.

You may like, love a Dance Shoes, but it may not be suitable for your feet’s… Don’t buy something that will cause you hardships after…

When choosing Dancing Shoes, salsa or Kizomba or any other Latin or ballroom dance shoes in any stores, you must consider some very Important variables.

REMEMBER, Kizomba or bachata or salsa shoes is different to tango, saloon, flamenco dance shoes, etc..

In the market, you can find all kinds of materials, qualities and prices that you must consider when making the price quality assessment. (Let yourself be advised by the professional of the dance shoe shop).

The heel is very important, especially in the case of girls. Be careful when choosing a heel height too high or too low for your needs and of the feet and legs. Choose a good shoe for yourself and with them, you can prevent injuries, pains hurts, bruising, hardness, etc..

Colour and design are important but not the most important thing. It can influence in the case of exhibitions, to match the costume or dress but the colour is the least and to go more different but should not be the only thing that counts in your purchase decision.

The price varies depending on the quality. It’s a logical thing to do, but there is a lot of dancing shoes on the market from 45€ to 300€ or even more.

The quality of the fabrics, how well-balanced the heels are, the strength of the sole, the padding, the lace, the design, the brand… multiple things influence the quality of a shoe.

The shape of your feet doesn’t make all the dancing shoes fit for you. I know that there are people with very narrow feet who have no way of finding dancing shoes and people with very wide shoes who have the same problem. email us:info@salsaeverybody.com

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