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FEEL THE MUSIC – The soul of dancing… We believe that: …

Everyone has rhythm and everyone can dance no matter what their background is or where they come from!

On the dance floor, there isn’t a salsa dance style, but just salsa music to dance to and to follow or lead.

Salsa dancing is a great thing, full of love and passion, and it brings everyone (the whole world) together, therefore, on the dance floor, there isn’t Race, Color, Religion, Rich or Poor, there isn’t a difference between Men & Woman.

Dancing is not hard or difficult, and no one needs many years in a class to know how to enjoy music and dance… Its just depends on how we learn it and with Whom we Learn it..!
Dance, its about fun and enjoyment, it helps to fight stress and it makes us feel good. It also contributes to our general well being.

It doesn’t matter what we do while on the dance floor, as long we stay with music,.. because dance its about being free to do all you want on the dance floor, and its the only way we can really have fun with music and with you partner on the floor dance and in class!

Dance is art, we believe that salsa dancing isn’t just about foot work, but also about body language, how to express yourself on the dance floor with music through your body movement.

A salsa dancer is a musician also,.. the kind of musician who plays salsa music with his/her feet on the dance floor. Ahi na ma…

Increase your energy and decrease your stress levels, have fun and discover a new you.
In our classes we are not serious about dancing, but we know how to do things seriously while having fun and everyone always go home happy!!!

As you know..: Dancing is not about the Salsa Dance Style we learn itself , but how to dance to Salsa Music and have fun with the beat on the dance floor…:-)..Ahi na ma..!!!

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Thank you – Merci – Gracias…!!