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MUSIC - The Basis of Dancing - The soul of dancing..

Here is what we Teach and practice in our Dance School / Classes / Club / Salsa Congress & Festival Event..!!

As (understanding of) Music is The Basis of Dancing – The soul of dancing, it is most important to listen to music as much as possible, as often as you can!

But… how to understand music and follow the rhythm & beat?

Clap, snap, tap, stamp, jump, move, groove, flow, rock, shake and feel free to dance to it in the way you like most. “Let the rhythm take you with it" Don’t be shy, salsa people are usually open minded and will help and laugh with you, rather than at you. Remember, every dancer was a learner at one stage!!!

Don’t worry if the moves/steps you do are “right" or “wrong", there is no such thing as “right" or “wrong" as long as you’re dancing (solo) to the music and having fun..

DANCE = MUSIC = / Rhythm / Timing / Lead / Follow /

On The Dance Floor

As you know me gente Salseros, the most important part in dancing to music on the dance floor with a Partner, is the ability to lead or follow your partner with the rhythm, timing and the beat of the music without hesitation in calmer and firm way.. otherwise you will end up not dancing to the music, but being just a technician, and not a dancer and  you will not enjoy the music/dance and neither your partner…

How to Dance with A Partner on The Dance Floor..

Here are some words of advice we give to our students in classes and club for both ladies and Men as a dance partner!!  

Guapa :

  1. Girls, try to always feel sexy and sensual with and during your dance, as this is part of Salsa dancing! Don’t feel tense, relax, loosen all your body especially your hands. Feel Your Dance Partner + Listen and feel the music and do your own salsa dance movements.
  2. Don’t ever ever lead yourself during the dance with your partner as you may cause injury to you or your partner. As well as that you will not dance properly in harmony with your partner and it will cause you and your partner to become stuck during the dance. Hence you and your partner will not enjoy the dance and he will not come back to ask you for another dance..jejeje!!
  3. Your ears must listen to the tasty beat of the music and your eyes must focus on your partner to allow you to see and be ready for any movement he wants to lead you into.
  4. Forget about your hands when you dance and loosen them to allow your partner to twist and turn them in whatever hand sequence he wants to put you through. Please remember that, Salsa dancing is firstly about the footwork and not about the hand movements!
  5. During the dance let your partner guide you, as this is his job! Don’t worry and don’t think when you dance with your partner. Just have fun, listen to the music, do your own ladies movements and always keep to your routine Salsa steps whatever man’s style your partner is doing…

Please girls, always Remember that:

  • Salsa Dancing is about The Music, then Music and Not The Salsa dance Style…So Focus on The Claver and Congas & Have Fun with your music!
  • Also Chicas:, you don’t make the man dance on the dance floor and him either, so focus on your music and your style and don’t be shy to seduce him with your dance please..lol..:-)..Ahi na ma..

Guapo :

  1. Don’t feel tense, relax and loosen your body, Feel confident, trust your men’s style and have fun with your ladies!!
  2. Listen to the music, and dance to the beat…Always give your partner a strong and firm lead with the timing of the music and rhythm.
  3. Make sure your partner is in the right position on the right leg and ready before changing or going onto another movement, as both of you must always keep doing the same routine Salsa steps in harmony and in rhythm.
  4. Be sensual in your dancing and always try to impress your partner and then they will always come back for more which will add to your own happiness!!!
  5. WARNING…….If you don’t lead or guide your ladies properly or lead them in a rough way or don’t have the rhythm and timing of the beat, both you and the ladies will not enjoy the dance as they will become confused and frustrated. As well as that they will certainly not be back for More!!!

Please Salsa Dancers always Remember that:

  • Salsa Dancing is about The Music, then Music and Not The Salsa dance Style…So focus on The Claver and Congas & Have Fun with your music!
  • Chicos, you don’t make the girl dance on the dance floor, so focus on your music and your men style and try to impress her if you can..Lol..jajaja.. 🙂 …. Ahi na ma..

We teach and practice Cuban & AfroCuban Salsa, AfroBeat, Dance For Fitness, & Latin dance in our dance School Classes and Club weekly*****

* Cuban & Afro-Cuban Salsa:

We teach and practice the most popular Cuban Salsa dance: Moves, Movement, Styling, Rueda, Rumba, Son,..etc.. in our dance School Classes and Club,..

* AfroBeat and Dance For Fitness Classes…
Great for Fitness, workout, belly fat burn, conditioning, and to Release Stress & Gain More Energy,… to also get the sense of the moves & movement used in Salsa & Latin dance…!
The are no: Classes Levels, No Steps, No count… Just follow the leader and enjoy the beat and heat..

For the AfroBeat and Fitness Dance Classes, we recommend wearing:
A Tracksuit, Shorts, gym or fitness clothing, Something That will allow you to move your Body with freedom and to feel more of your movement… and can be danced with flat shoes or runners or no shoes at all if you want…

We Do Latin Dances Music in our Classes and Club which include:


Bachata Romantica / and The Bachata Tango Dance style…


Great for fitness, Fun, enjoyment,.. Come and Groove, Boogie, Shake your booty, Get crazy on the dance floor Salseros..


Its Very Sharp, Full of energy, Athletic, Firm and Connect with your dance partner and Have Fun..


Feel free to to do all you want with this energetic dance music.. its about expressing yourself on the dance floor with your body workout and sensuality,….


Athletic dance, great for Fitness and lots of fun and connection on the dance floor..


Its very Soft, Romantic, Sensual, Feeling, Passionate, Exciting, Full Body Contact involved Between dancers, Man & Woman…. No need to be shy tho..:-)jejeje


It’s about showing how you can use all your moves, movement, and footworks Learn in Classes, to create your own fancy style,.. how to fire up the dance floor with some sexy steps,.. and the main thing is to show you when and how to put your styling on the dance floor with your partner and also how to use it in a solo dance on the dance floor… Ahi na ma.


Private, and Group Classes are also available in our dance school on the day, time and venue that suits you.. * Private lesson for your wedding day ball, * Private lesson to Catch up Fast with Dance, * Private lesson to get all the attention just for yourself, * Private lesson to work on your Body & Hips Movement and how to look Sexy,..( for Men & Women) Please, Just give us a call and we will make sure that you keep the Dance floor busy and enjoy it… E-mail: salsaeverybody@yahoo.co.uk 


We have a workshops at the end of each month with guest teacher on each styling dance below: * Cuban Styling and Body Talk workshops for Men & Women..

* Kizomba Dance Music

* Bachata

* Dance For Fitness

* Cuban Salsa Moves, Movement and Rueda de Casino..

* All Rumba dance: AfroCuban Orishas,Congo, Danzon, and the 3 main Cuban Rumba.. & More..

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Thank you – Merci – Gracias…!!