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“The soul of dancing"
Salsa is the rhythm that takes you with it"

Ahi na ma!!

Salsa is upbeat and energetic, the kind of rhythm that just invites you to dance.
It’s no wonder then that it originated as a popular social dance in the Caribbean (Cuba) from where it spread to North America, and more recently to countries worldwide.

Salsa parties unite those people, both from here and around the world who like, enjoy or happen to be passionate about salsa. The atmosphere is lively – the music makes sure of that – but also relaxed and friendly.

There are plenty of opportunities to dance with and meet new people. But it doesn’t have to be all about the dancing. Come along to tap your foot, admire the salseros, soak up a different culture and chat with people from all over the world.

For fans of other rhythms – jazz, reggae, techno, kizomba, bachata, or whatever else – the salsa fusions you will hear offer a whole new musical experience and the hot sizzling, romantic style that is Salsa today..

MUSIC – “The soul of dancing – The basis of dancing"..!!

Henry Fiol | De Cachete –
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MUSIC: – " The basis of dancing – The soul of dancing “

(how to improve your dance-like abilities?)…
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